AMOC Wholesale Sample request

1,00 inc. VAT

AMOC Wholesale Sample request
— Our current selection of coffees in +/- 50gr sachets


Please order just one, as we’ll ship only one sachet of 50 grams unless specifically requested differently.
Costs of samples will be refunded when a wholesale order is placed. Send us a message before placing your order to arrange cash-back.

When you’ve ordered samples and place an eventual order, the costs of samples (including their shipment) will be deducted from your first order. Just send send us a DM or email so we can arrange that before* you place an order.

*We are not able to refund these costs after you’ve placed an order.

Please note: we have to charge € 1,00 for these samples for tax reasons and easy shipping.

Coffees are selected by us to showcase our current and future selection.
Choose between roast profile and select your preferred style.

Classic: classic profiles. Usually more conventional processing styles and varieties, with a clean and classic flavour profile
Uncommon: uncommon profiles. Unconventional processing methods, unique varieties, expressive flavours and unusual origins.

If you have any requests, feel free to add it in the notes at checkout, and we will do our best to fulfil your wishes.
For more information about our current coffee selection, please see the webshop.


Please select HS code 09011100 and Origin Country Netherlands for export reasons. This will make it easier for you to receive the samples without any customs delays.