001 Brazil — Catuai 144

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Classic +
Patrícia Guerra Moreira de Mendonça, São Paulo, Brazil
— Pulped Natural Catuai 144

We’ve worked with Patricia for a few years on previous projects, when this time we decided we wanted to offer this coffee as a single origin classic Brazilian coffee.
Patrícia is actually a lawyer and business administrator who worked in the financial market for a few years until the birth of her first daughter. Her husband is a business administrator and has worked for an investment bank for many years. The couple always wanted to acquire a rural property, in order to have a second type of activity and investment for their future.
The opportunity arose in 2016, when a coffee farm in São Sebastião da Gramma was offered for sale and they started working there.
As Patricia says: “It was difficult to understand the dynamics of the coffee cycle. It seems to be very simple, but I can say with conviction that it is not. It has been four years of hard work: changing employees, getting the trust of the partners. In the small town, you are always seen as an outsider, even more so when you are from São Paulo. But there were so many challenges, that each one we overcame gave us the certainty of being able to do better. Hard work, respect for our employees, for our partners in the city and especially for nature. I am sure that the love and respect for the coffee plantation and the surrounding nature would give us great joy. Proof of this is now being able to be here telling our story. The coffee flower is simply beautiful, charming.”

This coffee has a classic profile of Brazilian Pulped Natural coffee with great balance, notes of chocolate and a variety of nuts.