A Matter of Concrete

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We like to think reasoned, future forward and quality driven. Defining our choices based on an unbiased blend of facts and individual taste. It’s not about assuming or following, it’s a matter of concrete decisions based on our vision and hard data.
It’s more than coffee.

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Our vision

A Matter of Concrete

Innovation and sustainability are what make today good and tomorrow better. Direct trading with suppliers, developing long-lasting products, while giving attention to circularity, waste-reduction and inspire others to do so too.

Thinking further than a leaf on the label

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We love packaging design, but we hate waste and single-use packaging.
Therefore we try to find a well thought-out balance between aesthetics and sustainability. The hardest part here is having a food-grade solution that fits not just local waste processing, but also national and international.

The over-exploited words ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ are more than a hollow message.
Our AMOC jars are made from fully recyclable PET. They’re light-weight, which means not many resources are necessary for production. And most important: they are reusable for (almost) an eternity.


You may have noticed our coffees have a number on the front of the label instead of origin, flavour notes or other details. We think you should be able to taste a coffee unbiased, without having to know anything but a number before tasting and having to remember nothing more but a number after tasting. All of our coffees are fully traceable, the majority is direct-traded with our supplying farmers, so of course all information on the coffees is available and can be found on the other side of the label and the corresponding product page.

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